Ben Ling, Lead of Developer Platform on the Product Marketing Team Leaving Facebook

Posted Aug 13, 2008

[Picture Credit: CNET]

Ben Ling of Facebook is planning on leaving Facebook within the next couple of weeks.  Ling was hired from Google.  Ling was the leader of the Facebook developer platform on the product marketing team.  Why is Ling leaving?  “Other career opportunities” reports VentureBeat’s Eric Eldon, who broke the story.

Elliot Schrage, the former VP of Global Communications and Affairs oversees the platform product marketing team at Facebook.  Facebook is still looking for a VP of Engineering and VP of Product.  As Facebook continues to grow and continues to receive large investments, perhaps the company is becoming “too corporate.”

AllThingsD reportedly spoke to Ling directly.  ?Facebook is a tremendous organization and I would not leave it if it were not for a great opportunity,” Ling told AllThingsD.  When we find out what Ling is doing next, we’ll be sure to report it.