Best Buy CMO Barry Judge Tries Out The CrunchPad, Says It’ll Be A Hit

Posted Aug 6, 2009

As many of you know by now, our friendly rivals at TechCrunch are building a new electronic tablet called the Crunchpad, slated to be released by this November.  Apparently Best Buy Chief Marketing Officer Barry Judge got a chance to play around with the prototype.

Judge tweeted “Just met chief blogger at Tech Crunch.  Talked about the Crunchpad and saw a prototype.  Great looking device, think it will be a real hit.”  This just tells me a couple of things.  The Crunchpad may actually have a chance against a rumored upcoming Apple tablet computer.  And this also tells me that Best Buy seems to be a bigger fan of TechCrunch than he is with Gizmodo.

An hour before Judge tweeted meeting Arrington, he tweeted that he met YouTube co-founder Chad Hurley to discuss ways to better leverage the video website.  He also asked his followers for ideas on what other retailers do to use YouTube well.  Here’s my two word answer for Judge: viral videos.  The Improv Everywhere group hit over one million views in their viral video of sending a bunch of blue shirt, khaki wearing agents into a Best Buy store.