Best Buy To Start Selling Pebble Watch On July 7th

Posted Jul 3, 2013

Best Buy
will exclusively start selling the smartwatch product developed by Pebble Technology.  On top of being one of the first companies to bring a smartwatch to the market, Pebble is also well known for raising a record $10.2 million on crowd-funding website  The watch will cost $150 and it will be compatible with Apple iOS and Google Android.  The Pebble is already available on the Best Buy and Pebble website.

Apple and Samsung are both rumored to be working on smartwatch products of their own.  Earlier this month, we reported that Apple filed for the “iWatch” trademark in Japan.  Sony is also known for selling the SmartWatch program using Android for the past year.

Pebble chief executive officer Eric Migicovsky said that Best Buy approached them last year to sell their smartphones in their stores.  Pebble has sold over 100,000 Pebble devices since the Kickstarter campaign took place in 2012.  There are currently over 1,100 apps available for Pebble.

?In order to break through and get into other markets, we knew that we needed to go beyond our standard website shipping,? stated Migicovsky. ?We decided to partner with Best Buy because we think Best Buy has a good grip on the wearable-technology space.?

The Pebble smartwatches will be available in red at Best Buy stores in August.  It will also be available in orange, grey, and white on Pebble’s website.