Betaworks Takes Equity In Twitterfeed

Posted Jun 12, 2009

Twitterfeed is a service that allows blogs and news agencies to syndicate their articles through Twitter.  Twitterfeed is able to syndicate the articles using the RSS feed of the website and combine it with a URL shortening service.  In some cases, using Twitter to syndicate articles is working better than RSS because of the speed difference.

Twitter is able to deliver news instantly.  As a matter of fact, one of the most followed Twitter users is @BreakingNews.  BreakingNews is generally able to deliver news much faster than 24/7 news agencies like CNN.

Twitterfeed has 170,000 users syndicating 300,000 feeds.  Twitterfeed accounts for 10% of all the tweets that are sent out.  This is why Betaworks and TAG have bought a majority stake in the service.  Before the investment, Twitterfeed was merely a side project.

Analytics is one of the newest additional services made on Twitterfeed.  The analytics helps track what is going on with the links that are sent out.

Betaworks is a previous investor in Summize, which was eventually purchased by Twitter itself.  Other Twitter-related services that Betaworks invested in includes TweetDeck and

Personally Pulse 2.0 uses Ingoal’s Twitter Updater to syndicate our stories.  To follow our feed, check out

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