Beware Of The PayPal and iTunes Hack Scam [WARNING]

Posted Aug 24, 2010

Many people on Twitter and Facebook are reporting a hacker scam that is taking place on PayPal and Apple iTunes. There is a security hole in iTunes accounts that are linked to PayPal. Scammers have found a way to charge a lot of money to iTunes through the accounts of other people’s PayPal.

One customer said that his account was charged over $4,700. And he is not the only one. A large number of iTunes accounts were hacked.

PayPal has been very helpful with getting customers their money back and Apple is actively trying to fix the security hole.

Many customers are being sent phishing e-mail messages that tricks users to give away their iTunes user names and passwords. If you are sent a similar e-mail, DO NOT GIVE AWAY ANY PERSONAL INFORMATION! I would not recommend giving away your personal iTunes login information to websites that you are not familiar with.