Big Changes At Gawker Media

Posted Nov 12, 2008

Nick Denton, millionaire and founder of Gawker Media.  Gawker is one of the most visible media companies today with 12 subsidiary blogs.  The 12 blogs include, Defamer, Fleshbot, Deadspin, Lifehacker, Gizmodo, Consumerist, io9, Kotaku, and Jezebel.

Denton is putting Consumerist for sale and is rumored to be consolidating Valleywag, a gossip blog centered around Silicon Valley into  Standing alone, Valleywag receives about one million monthly uniques.

Owen Thomas, editor at Valleywag will be keeping his job but will be publishing on Gawker.  Gawker has between 100-150 employees.

Why is Gawker doing this?
Gawker receives more hits and has a lot more of a broader market.  This makes it easier to sell advertising.  Imagine if you were an advertising company and Gawker is pitching that they own a blog on Internet celebrities and another blog on every single celebrity.  Which would you invest in?

[Via AlleyInsider]