Big Data Startup EdgeSpring Raises $11 Million In Series A

Posted May 17, 2013

 is a startup that can help you make better decisions with the data across all of the lines of business.  EdgeSpring has raised $11 million in financing from Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers and Lightspeed Ventures, according to VentureBeat.  EdgeSpring uses “big data” and analytics to make intelligence recommendations.  The analytics can assess improvements for businesses of any size.

Their platform allows average users to find out information about various topics without having to search for information across data silos.  For example, a marketing professional at an organization can leverage financial data that is in another data silo.  ?From day one, our vision was to democratize information access in the enterprise,?  stated EdgeSpring founder and CEO Vijay Chakravarthy.

EdgeSpring says the platform enables users to drive timely decisions by asking and easily answering first and second order questions across structured and semi-structured data.

One of EdgeSpring’s upcoming products is called CrunchEdge, which will allow users to enhance CrunchBase by mapping out data sets of venture investments and company information.  CrunchEdge is going to be released at the beginning of June.  Founded in 2010, EdgeSpring was started by executives at, IBM, and Oracle.