Big Day For Boeing, Dreamliner 787 Takes Flight [Video]

Posted Dec 16, 2009

The Boeing Company (NYSE:BA) had a great day on Tuesday December 15. For the first time, Boeing landed the Dreamliner 787. The flight landed as thousands of workers and journalists were watching at the Paine Field, north of Seattle. The Dreamliner 787 is a 250 seat jetliner that burns less fuel and lasts longer. The flight landed at 10:30AM.

The Dreamliner is the first commercial plane that is made mostly of composites instead of aluminum and steel. The Dreamliner was about 28 months late, but the delay was worth it in order to work out all the kinks. About 840 of the 787 planes are on pre-order as of right now. The total cost of production for the 787 was roughly $10 billion. The cost for one of the planes is about $150 to $205 million.

Below is a video of the Dreamliner 787 in action: