Bill and Amarins Harrison’s Family Riding Across The U.S. On Quint Bicycle

Posted Aug 10, 2009

I don’t know what’s crazier, the fact that this family plans to ride around the U.S. on bike or the fact that they are doing it all on a quint bike. Bill and Amarins Harrison along with their three kids plans to ride their custom bicycle from Florida to Alaska.

The family left from Renfro Valley, Kentucky this last Saturday and plan to drive down the Atlantic Coast through the Carolinas.  Eventually they will make their way up to Alaska around August 2010 and stay there for one year.  Then they’ll head back to Renfro Valley, Kentucky.

“Risk-taking is what made this country great,? he says. ?It wasn?t politics or religion. It was about risking to go around the next bend in the river or over the next mountain. If we still took those risks today, this would be a better world,” stated Bill Harrison.