WATCH: Full Video Of Bill Clinton Speaking At DNC

Posted Sep 6, 2012

Last night as part of the second night of the Democratic National Convention, former President Bill Clinton gave a powerful speech.  Liberals and conservatives both enjoy hearing Clinton speak because under him America’s economy was booming and there was a surplus rather than a deficit.

Bill Clinton did what he did best by breaking down information based on facts and raw figures bullet point by bullet point.  Clinton focused on speaking about Obama’s accomplishments with healthcare reform, welfare reform, student loans, etc.  ?It takes some brass to attack a guy for doing what you did,? said Clinton when referring to VP hopeful Paul Ryan’s attack on Obama for Medicare.

People on Twitter went crazy about Bill Clinton’s speech.  During Clinton’s speech, Twitter hit 22,087 tweets per minute (TPM), which beat Mitt Romney’s speech TPM of 14,289, but was lower than Michelle Obama’s speech of 28,003 TPM.

Many Twitter users were impressed with the teleprompter breaking, but Clinton was able to speak without it.  They also liked Clinton’s Southern demeanor and charm.  The word #arithmetic started trending on Twitter after he challenged Romney’s budget plan.

Clinton concluded the speech by hugging Obama and it was posted on the president’s Twitter account.  By the end of the night, around 5.5 million tweets were sent out about #DNC2012.

Check out the full video below: