Bill Gates and Paul Allen Re-Enact Classic Photo

Posted Apr 5, 2013

In 1981, Microsoft co-founders Bill Gates and Paul Allen took a photo where they were surrounded by PCs.  Earlier this month, the two re-enacted the photo at Allen?s Living Computer Museum in Seattle.  The computers in the recent photo are even the same models.

Apart from the age change, you will notice that one of the major differences is that Allen does not have a beard in the new photo.  The new photo was taken at a celebration of computing pioneers at the museum with a few of Allen’s friends.  The museum staff worked on tracking down the models to recreate the classic photo.  In 2008, Microsoft and Newsweek recreated the photo of Microsoft’s original staff members from 1978.

Here is the old photo:

Here is the new photo from a tweet by Paul Allen:

The tweet was originally spotted by Geekwire.