Bill Gates Gets Subpoenaed Over Red Ring Xbox Case [What The?]

Posted Dec 6, 2009

Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) Chairman Bill Gates is being subpoenaed by Erik Estavillo, whose nickname is “professional plaintiff.” This isn’t the first time that Estavillo filed a crazy video-game lawsuit. About a month ago Estavillo sued Microsoft for $75,000″ for “pain and suffering damages.” His Xbox 360 failed and displayed the notorious Red Ring of Death (RRoD) on the power button. Estavillo claims that the Xbox was only one of two ways that he socialized and the other was online gaming. This is because of his agoraphobia (fear of open spaces) and other stress disabilities.

The $75,000 damages fine “is in relation to the stress put on the plaintiff having to find a way to acquire a new Xbox 360 system and the sadness he will have in the meantime of finding one he can afford. Not to mention all of the lost data that is unrecoverable such as game saves and downloadable content,” according to a complaint pulled by The Seattle Pi.

Estavillo subpoenaed Bill Gates to find out how many Xbox 360 consoles in total have seen the Red Ring of Death. He also wants to know how many of those consoles have been fixed over the past 3 years. And of course he also wanted to know how many Xbox Live users have been banned for piracy.

“YOU ARE COMMANDED to appear in the UnitedStates (sic) district court at the time, date, and place set forth below to testify at a hearing of trial in this civil action,” stated the subpoena. Estavillo previously sued Nintendo for $5,000 over the disabling of cheats in a Wii update because it interfered with his “pursuit of happiness.”

In another lawsuit, Estavillo filed a lawsuit against Sony because his PlayStation Network user name was banned for trolling. He believes that this was in violation of his First Amendment rights.

Another one of Estavillo’s notable lawsuits is against Activision Blizzard, the creator of the video game series World of Warcraft. The lawsuit was for $1 million and he alleges that this game caused his agoraphobia, panic disorder, depression, Crohn’s disease, and obsessive compulsive disorder. In that lawsuit, he subpoenaed actress Winona Ryder and Depeche Mode founder Martin Gore. Winona was subpoenaed because of her interest in the book The Catcher in the Rye, a novel about alienation. Gore was subpoenaed because he is supposedly an expert on alienation.

Estavillo told the Seattle Pi that now he is done with all subpoenas and lawsuits.