Bill Gates Joins Twitter, Launches Facebook Page, and Bing Might Become Default iPhone Search

Posted Jan 20, 2010

The richest man in the world Bill Gates has embraced social media once again.  This is his second attempt as his first try was somewhat difficult due to all the requests he received.

Last summer Bill Gates created a Facebook account and he received tons of friend requests, pokes, etc.  I poked him on Facebook too, that probably did not help the situation.  He had to quit Facebook as a result.

Now Bill Gates has launched his own Facebook Page.  This allows him to participate on Facebook without the hassle of having to deal with friend requests hitting his e-mail inbox.  Gates has already uploaded pictures from a recent trip to India on his Facebook Page.  Facebook verified that this was his account.

Gates is embracing Twitter now too.  Twitter has verified that the account BillGates belongs to the Microsoft co-founder.  In less than one day Bill Gates amassed over 200,000 followers.  Gates’ first tweet was: “Hello World.” Hard at work on my foundation letter – publishing on 1/25.  Some of the people that Gates is following on Twitter include Ashley Tisdale, Ina Fried (CNET), the UNICEF account, Steven Levy, Rania Al Abdullah, Vinod Khosla, Ryan Seacrest, Ashton Kutcher, TechCrunch, Kara Swisher, Barack Obama, Hans Rosling, Chris Anderson (TED), and Nicholas Kristof.

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) is also reportedly talking to Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) about adding as the default search for the iPhone.  Google has largely benefited from being the default search engine for Apple.  But the relationship between Google and Apple has become quite tumultuous since Eric Schmidt was let go from the Apple Board of Directors, Apple rejected the Google Voice iPhone application, and Google announced their own operating system.  The news about the talks between Microsoft and Apple was reported by a source with Bloomberg.