Bill Gates Joins Professional Social Network LinkedIn

Posted Jun 13, 2013

Microsoft chairman Bill Gates has joined LinkedIn.  Now Bill Gates will contribute blog posts regularly on the professional social network.  In Bill Gates’ first blog post, he wrote about three skills that he learned from Warren Buffet.  Gates said that he learned about investing, using your platform, and knowing how valuable your time is from Buffet.

“Although Warren makes a point of meeting with dozens of university classes every year, not many people get to ask him for advice on a regular basis. I feel very lucky in that regard: The dialogue has been invaluable to me, and not only at Microsoft. When Melinda and I started our foundation, I turned to him for advice. We talked a lot about the idea that philanthropy could be just as impactful in its own way as software had been. It turns out that Warren?s brilliant way of looking at the world is just as useful in attacking poverty and disease as it is in building a business. He?s one of a kind,” said Gates in his first blog post.

Gates also said that Buffet was the reason why Gates writes an annual letter about the philanthropic missions behind the foundation.  This year’s letter was over 20 pages.  Gates’ blog post is part of the LinkedIn influencer program.  Other influencers include President Barack Obama, Deepak Chopra, and Richard Branson.