Bill Gates Does A Reddit AMA

Posted Feb 11, 2013

Microsoft co-founder and chairman Bill Gates went on Reddit today to participate in an AMA (Ask Me Anything) session.  He answered several questions regarding his personal life, Microsoft, and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.  Below are some of the highlights:

– When Gates was asked if there is anything left on his bucket list, he said “Don’t die?”

– Gates was asked what is something that needs to be changed in the world that money cannot buy.  He answered by saying that it would be nice if “all governments were as rational as the Nordic governments – reaching compromises and providing services broadly.”

– When asked what he does for fun, he said that he loves playing tennis and bridge (card game).

– Gates believes that robots, pervasive screens, and speech interaction will all change the way that we look at computers.

– Does Bill like Windows 7 or Windows 8 more?  “Higher is better,” said Gates.

– A Reddit user asked Gates how he believed he was portrayed in the movie “Pirates of Silicon Valley.”  Gates said that the portrayal was reasonably accurate.

– Gates was asked what the greatest achievement was for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.  He said that the largest achievement was getting vaccines for diarrhea and pneumonia, which has saved millions of lives.

– A Reddit user asked Gates what the cheapest thing that gives him pleasure is.  He said kids, cheap cheeseburgers, and OpenCourseWare courses.

– Gates was asked what is his view on the world’s reliance on crude oil is.  He said that he did a TED talk on the climate control and believes that over time we have to dramatically reduce CO2 emissions.

– Gates said that he was using an 82-inch Perceptive Pixel display Windows 8 touch whiteboard to answer the Reddit questions when asked what type of computer he was using.

– Gates was asked what language he still codes.  He said he still writes C, C#, and some Basic.

– What is one of the Microsoft programs or products that was never released that he wished made it to the market?  Gates said that they had a rich database as the client/cloud store that was a part of a Windows release before its time.  It was called WinFS.

– Gates was asked what his worst fear was for the future of the world.  He said that hopefully we don’t have terrorists using nuclear weapons or biological weapons.  He also said that he is disappointed that more isn’t being used to reduce carbon emissions.

– When asked how Gates measures the success of the foundation, he said that one metric is to look at reducing the number of children (under 5) who die.  As health improves, families choose to have less kids so paradoxically population growth goes down as you improve health helping with almost every issue from stability to the environment.

– Bill Gates’ favorite band is U2 and he is waiting for Spinal Tap to go back on tour.

– Bill Gates’ favorite book of the last decade is Steven Pinker’s “The Better Angels Of Our Nature.”