Billie Joe Armstrong Of Green Day Performed At Mark Zuckerberg’s Wedding

Posted May 27, 2012

Mark Zuckerberg has been constantly profiled by the media for the past 8 years, but The New York Times recently decided to focus on his new bride, Priscilla Chan. Chan and Zuckerberg have been dating for the past 9 years. Below are some interesting notes from the New York Times article.

– Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day performed at the couple’s wedding.
– Chan’s wedding dress costed $4,700 and it was designed by Claire Pettibone. Pettibone’s said that the dress was not a top seller, but was respectable.
– Chan recently graduated from University of California San Francisco where she wanted to become a pediatrician.
– She is close friends with Wall Street Journal reporter Jessica Vascellaro and her fiance, Facebook product manager Sam Lessin. She is also close to senior Facebook employees Jessica Sitting and Aaron Sittig along with Brittany Morin (wife of Path founder Dave Morin).
– Chan was valedictorian at Quincy High School where she played tennis and won a science challenge. She gave a graduation speech there based on the Dr. Seuss book “Oh, the Places You’ll Go.”
– When Chan was finishing up at Harvard and Mark Zuckerberg moved to California, they split up for a while. Zuckerberg started seeing an undergraduate at the University of California Berkeley, but Chan and Zuckerberg reunited in 2007 after she was hired as a fourth and fifth grade science teacher at the Harker School in San Jose. However she negotiated that if they were to get back together, they must consider marriage. Mark was reluctant because he believe that his youthful image was an asset to the company.
– Zuckerberg was also required to give at least 100 minutes of private time with Chan and take her on at least one date per week. The couple also agreed to vacation for two weeks every year overseas. Together they have been to Mumbai, Dubai, and China.
– Chan is also known for not wanting to spend any of Mark’s money. One time she was shopping with Mark’s sister Randi Zuckerberg and she took an interest in a $600 pair of shoes. However she did not buy them even though Randi said “you can afford them.” Chan replied “It’s not my money.”