Billionaire Alki David Launches Online TV Streaming Service

Posted Sep 28, 2010

Last year billionaire Alki David launched the service in beta. Now he is bringing the service to the U.S. lets you watch HD TV on the PC or mobile devices. includes 30 premium free to air TV channels and satellite channels. These channels include ABC, CBS, FOX, KCAL, KTLA, BBC News, Dubai Sports, etc. You can buy FilmOn pay-per-view or FilmOn movie channels as well.

To watch channels in HD over basic broadband, there is a monthly fee of $9.95. The average broadband speed in America is 5 Mb per second and FilmOn streaming runs at about 1 Mb per second. If you have a lower speed connection, you can watch shows at lower speeds.

“Our platform is designed to be easily customized for broadcasters and advertisers who wish to get into the online broadcast business quickly and with minimal expense. FilmOn is currently in negotiations with all major cable providers and plans to provide complete syndicated cable television services throughout the U.S. in 2011,” stated FilmOn Chairman Alki David. uses the social networking platform, another business backed by David. David received attention for offering a $1 million prize for anyone that streaked naked in front of President Obama with BattleCam written on them.

David is the heir and major shareholder in the family business. His family business owns Coca-Cola bottling plants in 23 countries and several other enterprises.