Billionaire Roman Abramovich Installs Anti-Photo Shield On Yacht, Warding Off Paparazzi

Posted Sep 23, 2009

Roman Abramovich must really dislike the paparazzi because he is installing an anti-photo shield on his 557 foot yacht called Eclipse. Eclipse has two helipads, two swimming pools, and 6 foot movie screens in guest cabins. There is also a mini-submarine and missile proof windows. You could almost say that Eclipse is ready for war. However the yacht is still vulnerable to getting its picture by the Paparazzi. Roman can’t be having that so he decided to have anti-photo technology installed on the yacht.

The anti-paparazzi shield that uses lasers for sweep the area to detect CCD devices. If a CCD device is detected, a bolt of light is sent to the camera that will mess up the photo. The lasers aren’t running all the time, but it is expected to be turned on if the paparazzi is noticed. According to a lawyer based in London, photographers stopped from taking Roman’s pictures on the yacht could receive compensation. Because when you mess with the goods belonging to someone else, it is considered a trespass to the goods. But it is also safe to assume that Roman and his wealth will make sure that photographers will have a strong case.

Roman is a 42 year old billionaire and is considered the 51st richest person in the world with a net worth of $8.5 billion. Roman owns the Chelsea Football Club too.