Bing Increases Microsoft’s Market Share; Upsets Google’s Sergey Brin

Posted Jun 14, 2009

Bing is Microsoft’s new search engine.  Microsoft is currently making the transition from Live Search to Bing.  Microsoft has also gone as far as advertising on TV to hosting a 3 hour special on Hulu.

The New York Post is reporting that Google co-founder Sergey Brin is so upset by the launch of Bing that he has put together a team of Google’s top engineers to work on an urgent upgrade to their search engine.  Brin is leading the team to figure out how Bing’s search algorithm differs from Google.

“New search engines have come and gone in the past 10 years, but Bing seems to be of particular interest to Sergey,” stated an NY Post source.  Usually Brin is not as involved at day-to-day operations at the company, but works more on the high-level operations.

When Microsoft launched Bing, they put aside about an $80 to $100 million marketing budget together.  This is not a bad amount compared to the failed bid for the acquisition of Yahoo!  Microsoft offered Yahoo! to be acquired for $44.6 billion, but Yahoo! turned down the offer.

Bing’s market share helped Microsoft’s search market share jump from 9% to 11%.  Bing’s homepage is similar to Google, but features a colorful image on the homepage everyday.  There is not much of a difference between Bing and Google, but what gives Google the advantage of their major investment in Mozilla and close-knit relationship with Apple.

Google is the default search engine for both Mozilla Firefox and Apple Safari.  Google is also the default search engine Safari on the iPhone and iPod Touch.  Google gets a lot more hits due to being the default.  It will not be surprising to see Bing become the default search engine for all future versions of Internet Explorer and for Microsoft Windows 7.