Bing Search Enhanced With Focus On Entertainment

Posted Jun 23, 2010

Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) has enhanced the Bing search engine to heavily focus on entertainment.  About 76% of people that use search engines are looking for entertainment options.  Bing Entertainment focuses on Music, Gaming, Movies, and TV.

When you search for a music artist on Bing, you will instantly vend photos, lyrics, videos, tour dates, and streaming audio options at the top.  If you want to buy a song, then you can buy it through iTunes, Zune, or directly from the Bing search engine itself.

Bing’s new gaming feature has 100 popular casual online games that can be played from within the search engine.  There are social features integrated so that you can invite friends from social networks to play with you.

Bing’s TV section aggregates full length TV episodes and visually organizes them.  Microsoft is also working on guide information so that you can easily find what is playing in your area from your TV provider so that you can make sure not to miss out on your favorite programs.

The movie section of Bing will have information on when movies are playing near you and in what theater.  Movie reviews and responses on Twitter will be integrated too.

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