Bing Social Adds Twitter User Recommendations

Posted Sep 22, 2010

One of Twitter’s biggest flaws today is the ability to find users to follow based on your interests. Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) has created an interesting solution to help Twitter take care of this dilemma. Now when you search for specific keywords on, you will be able to find recommendations of influential Twitter users that pertain to those keywords.
Twitter current has over 145 million registered accounts.

An example Microsoft gives in their blog is when you search for the blockbuster film called “Machete.” The query finds the Twitter accounts for Jessica Alba and Lindsay Lohan, two of the stars in the movie.

I think it will be interesting to see how this new feature evolve. I personally would like to see a more level-playing field. There are a lot of interesting and funny Twitter users out there that may not be considered “influential” by an algorithm. If a person with only 50 followers sends out interesting stuff about subjects I like, I want to be able to find a way to discover them as well.

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