Raises $1.5 Million From VCs and Received 2.7 Billion Clicks Last Month

Posted Mar 1, 2010

URL shortening service has been growing at an aggressive rate as they have become the default for Twitter. Given their current growth rate, the company needed another injection of cash as they have raised $1.5 million from previous investors. These investors include Betaworks, SoftTech (Jeff Clavier), Ron Conway, Mitch Kapor, Chris Sacca, O’Reilly AlphaTech Ventures, and Howard Lindzon. The funding was added to an SEC filing and TechCrunch confirmed the round with President John Borthwick. The $1.5 million round was set up as a convertible debt note. received 2.7 billion clicks last month. last week alone about 744 million links were clicked on. [TechCrunch]