The first U.S. based Bitcoin ATM is opening at the Handlebar in Austin, Texas

Posted Feb 19, 2014

Robocoin is preparing to open the first U.S. based Bitcoin ATM at the HandleBar on 5th St. in  Austin, Texas. The ATM lets you insert money and take out Bitcoin. Bitcoin owners can also sell Bitcoin through the machine and you will receive a receipt. Your virtual wallet will be credited. Robocoin already has Bitcoin ATMs in Vancouver. The Bitcoin ATM in Austin will be turned on tomorrow on Thursday, February 20th at 2pm.

?Robocoin will be EVERYWHERE! We?ve just arrived in Texas and have already shipped to Seattle, Washington and Alberta, Canada,? stated Robocoin founder Jordan Kelley. ?Austin?s Robocoin is going to a really cool location downtown at the HandleBar. We have a bunch more shipping to amazing locations in Canada. We?re also still moving forward with Hong Kong, but we underestimated how long the international hardware certification process would take.?

The ATM machines are built with “bank-grade” hardware and network security. The computer is inside of a safe with the associated cash and servers that aren’t publicly accessible from the Internet.

[Source: TechCrunch]