Black Friday Deals Web 2.0 Style

Posted Nov 20, 2006

A number of websites have popped up to broadcast Black Friday deals this year. Many of them just replicate information on deals from other sites. A few of them actually post original deals that are either submitted by users or retrieved through other means. Here are some of the better Black Friday websites I stumbled upon.

Dealplumber is a community-powered deals website. Its packed with features that make finding the perfect deal easy. When you first land on the homepage, you are shown the most popular deals. This is rather convenient if you are in a hurry and want an overview of the hottest deals. You can filter deals by popularity, recent additions, expiration date, free items, and free shipping.

Dealplumber has all the features youâ??d expect in a Web 2.0 website. It has tags, RSS feeds, user submitted deals, email alerts, and more. It also has a digg-like deal rating system. Users can give deals â??starsâ? which are comparative to diggs. Users can also comment on deals and share deals with others.

Like Dealplumber, Kdollar is also a community-driven deals website. Like digg, users submit deals, rate deals, and the top rated deals get on the homepage. Kdollar has a rating system for deal submitters as well. Submitters are given â??Kdollarsâ? for their submissions. â??Kdollarsâ? are used to recognize the biggest supporters of the site.

As far as the quality of deals on Kdollar, I was actually surprised to find some great original deals on there. Plus they have an entire section dedicated to Black Friday with tons of great deals.

Black Friday 2006 is a simple and straightforward site dedicated specifically to Black Friday deals. It has no fancy features like tags, user submitted deals or rating systems. Its navigation menu simply lists a number of stores. Just click on a store to see all of its Black Friday deals. It doesnâ??t get easier then this.

One nice thing you will notice about Black Friday 2006 is that it contains original ad scans for most stores. So you know the deals are legitimate. It also lists the deals for each store in a nice tabular format so you can skim through quickly.

Here are a few other Black Friday deal sites:

Happy shopping!