BlackBerry 10 OS Is Coming To PlayBook

Posted Mar 15, 2012

Research In Motion has confirmed that the BB10 operating system will be coming to the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet soon. “We’ve said publicly a number of times that our first BB10 handset will be available towards the end of 2012, and that’s still firmly the case,” stated RIM VP of product management Rob Orr. “At some point after the launch we’ll bring BB10 to our PlayBooks, yes.”

“The updates from PlayBook 1 to PlayBook 2: astonishing take up rates in a very short space of time. A big percentage of our users just take it, take it take it,” said Orr. Around 50% of PlayBook users installed the update on the first day of the release as they were relieved to finally get e-mail on their tablets. “It’s actually quite different to our smartphone users, who are a little bit tentative to take software updates,” added Orr.