BlackBerry is removing Alicia Keys as their ?Global Creative Director?

Posted Jan 3, 2014
BlackBerry is splitting up with their “Global Creative Director” Alicia Keys. Keys was hired to promote BlackBerry 10. The partnership will be ending on January 30th, according to CBC. BlackBerry is going through a major shift in business strategy, which is likely the reason why Keys is being removed from the position.
BlackBerry is focusing more on enterprise so Keys’ appeal with consumer may not be considered as valuable. Key was hired by BlackBerry in January 2013 when BlackBerry 10 launched. While working for BlackBerry, Keys was caught using an iPhone to send out tweets. She blamed that on a hacker though.
It was rumored that BlackBerry was strongly considering hiring Justin Bieber as their brand ambassador, but the manager that came up with that idea was laughed at for saying that Justin Bieber might “outlive RIM.”