BlackBerry App World Requires PayPal, New Phone Models, and $2.99 App Price

Posted Mar 5, 2009

RIM’s BlackBerry App World store has a few constraints for buyers and sellers.  The constraints are that PayPal accounts are required to buy and sell applications, applications must cost a minimum of $2.99, and old BlackBerry phones won’t work with the store.

PayPal is normally used for eBay for transactions between two parties.  PayPal takes a cut out from parties that accept payments using the service unless there is a special deal prearranged.  eBay acquired PayPal for a couple billion dollars a few years ago.

The minimum system requirements for BlackBerry phones is that it must be using the BlackBerry OS 4.2.0 or above for the applications to work.  BlackBerry phones with track wheels are not supported either.  Only trackballs and SurePress works with the App World.  Below is a list of the phones that work:

* BlackBerry® Bold? 9000 smartphone
* BlackBerry® Storm? smartphone
* BlackBerry® Pearl? Flip Series
* BlackBerry® Curve? 8300 Series
* BlackBerry® Curve? 8900 smartphone
* BlackBerry® 8800 Series
* BlackBerry® Pearl? Series

[via InformationWeek]