BlackBerry Buys A Private Jet, Despite Bleak Financials

Posted Sep 23, 2013

BlackBerry reported a net loss of $995 million  and said that they were cutting 4,500 jobs on Friday.  The company’s management knows how bad the financials are and they are trying to offload the company to a buyer with the hopes of a turnaround.  Apparently, the bleak financial picture at BlackBerry has not stopped the company’s top brass from spending on certain luxuries.

BlackBerry bought a Bombardier Global Express to their private jet fleet, according to The Wall Street Journal.  Buying a used Global Express costs about $25-$30 million.  These flights can go from New York to Tokyo without having to refuel.  The new plane replaces a smaller jet that the company sold earlier this year.

A spokesman at BlackBerry confirmed that they bought the new jet two months ago.  BlackBerry said that they were going to sell all three of their plants due to their financial issues.

[Source: WSJ/BusinessInsider]

[Image Credit: Wikipedia]