BlackBerry Messenger Is Coming To iOS and Android This Summer

Posted Jun 6, 2013

Last month, we reported that BlackBerry is porting their popular BBM messaging software to iOS and Android.  Now we know that the official date that it will arrive is expected to be June 27th.  The details were posted on tweet sent out by T-Mobile U.K. that has been deleted.  The tweet contained a screenshot (below) of a BBM conversation running on a Samsung Android phone.

BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins said that BBM will be available as a free download.  At that time, he said that “we are confident time is right for BBM to be independent.”  BlackBerry is going to work with a few mobile phone companies to have BBM preloaded on their devices.  There is already interest from a few phone makers, accordion to BlackBerry chief operating officer Kristian Tear.

When BBM is made available for iOS and Android, it will be the first time that BBM would be made available on non-BlackBerry smartphones.  BBM on non-BlackBerry phones will start with just messaging.  The company plans to add more features in time like BBM voice, BBM Channels, and screen sharing.

Making BBM available on other platforms is quite a risk for the company.  In the past, BBM was cited as a key distinguishing factor for BlackBerry.  BBM has millions of users and is one of the reasons why users opted to remain a BlackBerry customer.

“We haven?t announced a date other than BBM for iOS and Android is coming this summer,” said BBM as a response to T-Mobile’s tweet.