Blackberry Owners Have More Klout than iPhone or Android

Posted Aug 10, 2011

Klout, the social influence measuring service, just released some new data on how phone preference correlates with influence: Blackberry users score highest, with an average Klout score of 43.6. Klout users with iPhones score an average of 42, and Android owners come in last at 40.6. The scores rank between 1 and 100 and are calculated based on social networking interactions like replies and retweets. Gizmodo theorizes that RIM devotees are more influential because Blackberry owners tend to be “corporate executives, often C-level types” and thus engage in more professional online chatter.

The average Klout score is about 20. Klout initially only calculated the difference between iPhone and Android users and were clearly surprised by the results when they fulfilled a user’s request to include Blackberry data. I’d personally like to see some data on what each type of influencer is most influential about?would Blackberry owners score more influence about business topics? I own a Droid and Klout thinks, for reasons I can’t fathom, that I’m influential about Facebook and Taco Bell, so who knows.