BlackBerry Posts Loss Of $84 Million, 2.7 Million BB10 Devices Sold Last Quarter

Posted Jun 28, 2013

 announced their financial reports for the first quarter this morning.  BlackBerry shipped 6.8 million phones compared to 7.8 million for the same time last year, which includes older models of the phones.

BlackBerry said that they lost $84 million (16 cents a share) in the three months ended June 1st on revenues of $3.1 billion.  It lost $518 million (99 cents per share) on revenues of $2.8 billion one year ago.

Analysts were expecting BlackBerry to earn 5 cents per share on revenues of $3.37 billion.  “The smartphone market remains highly competitive, making it difficult to estimate units, revenue and levels of profitability,” stated BlackBerry in a statement.

BB10: BlackBerry sold around 2.7 million BlackBerry 10 devices in the fiscal first quarter.  Of the 6.8 million total BlackBerrys that they sold in the period, around 40% of them use the BlackBerry 10 operating system.  It is unknown whether these number of units sold to carriers (ship in figure) or if it was a sell through figure.

BlackBerry did not distinguish the sales between the Z10 or the Q10.  The Z10 is a touch-screen and the Q10 has a physical keyboard.

Subscribers: BlackBerry said that they have 72 million subscribers, which is down from 4 million from the fiscal fourth quarter.