BlackBerry CEO John Chen says goal is to hit profitability by 2016

Posted Dec 31, 2013

BlackBerry CEO John Chen wrote a post on CNBC to outline his plans for the future of the company. Chen said that the goal is for BlackBerry to hit profitability by 2016.

“It’s been easy for competitors to promote negative stories about BlackBerry, focusing on the business of the past,” stated Chen. “But I’m not focused on who BlackBerry used to be ? I’m focused on what BlackBerry will be today and in the future.”

BlackBerry signed a five-year deal with Foxconn earlier this month for designing and manufacturing smartphones. Chen also reiterated that BlackBerry was reorganized into four categories: Enterprise Services, Messaging, QNX Embedded, and Devices.

“When it comes to enterprise, we’re still the leader. Don’t be fooled by the competition’s rhetoric claiming to be more secure or having more experience than BlackBerry,” added Chen. “Many in the regulated industries ? those with the most stringent security needs ? still depend solely on BlackBerry to secure their mobile infrastructure. For governments, BlackBerry cannot just be replaced ? we are the only MDM provider to obtain ‘Authority to Operate’ on US Department of Defense networks.”

Chen was proud to highlight the success of BlackBerry Messenger (BBM). After BBM was extended to iOS and Android, the platform hit over 40 million users. “We will continue to invest in this popular service and build out its features and channels, with plans to turn it into a revenue stream in the coming years,” added Chen.

Chen was named the chairman of BlackBerry this past November and was named as the interim replacement of outgoing CEO Thorsten Heins. Fairfax Financial recently announced an investment of $1 billion in BlackBerry.

[Source: Pocket-Lint]