BlackBerry’s market share in Canada drops to 15%

Posted Apr 5, 2014

In BlackBerry’s home country, the company’s market share has dropped to around 15%, according to a new comScore report.

This is comparable to an estimated 20% in December 2012. Android has a 47% market share and iOS has 37%. BlackBerry is in third place in front of Windows Phone, which has a 2% market share.

When you consider market share for people that have a smartphone and a tablet, iOS has the lead. iOS is at 55%, Android is at 37%, and BlackBerry is at 10%.

Smartphone penetration in Canada is at around 75% compared to 62% in December 2012. The number of mobile subscribers in Canada increased 5% last year. There are now around 23 million Canadians that are mobile subscribers. The number of Canadians that use their mobile phone or tablet to view movies or TV shows increased 33% last December from the year before.

[Sources: PhoneArena/ComScore]