BlackJet Is An “Uber” For Private Air Travel

Posted Nov 21, 2012

BlackJet is a private air travel on-demand service that was founded by the co-founder of Uber.  Using the service is currently by invite-only.  You can book seats and manage private air travel using the website.

Since there is underused capacity in the private air space, BlackJet is working to fill that role.  Private jets average around an hour a day of flight time compared to around 11 hours for a commercial jet.  BlackJet wants to link this underused capacity with people that can afford it.  BlackJet will not own any of the planes themselves, but they will take a cut from the fees.

BlackJet is backed by Garrett Camp.  You may know Mr. Camp as the founding CEO of StumbleUpon and as the co-founder of Uber.  The early routes of BlackJet will take place between NY and LA.  It will also support NY to south Florida.