Blacksocks Helps You Find Your Missing Sock Using RFID and NFC

Posted Oct 1, 2012

If you are having a hard time finding a matching sock, Blacksocks has created an app that uses radio frequency (RFID) to help you find the right pair of black socks.  The socks are embedded with a communication button that makes them identifiable to the Sock-Sorter using near field communication (NFC).

?Mankind was made for greater things than sorting socks,? stated Blacksocks founder and managing director Samy Liechti. ?Looking put-together is a simple equation as long as you have all the right elements and our ?Smarter Socks? make the process even easier.?

?Mankind was made for greater things than sorting socks.?

Here is how the post-wash sorting routine works:

1. Hold the Sock-Sorter over the communication button on the sock.

2. Use the Sock-Sorter to scan the washing basket for the matching sock.

3. The iPhone will make a sound when the right sock has been found.

The “Smarter Socks” also shows you the life story of every pair of sock after logging in.  The app shows you how many times the socks have been washed.

There is another feature that gives each sock a value based on how much it has faded.

I really like how Blacksocks took a simple problem like losing a sock and applied some high quality technologies with various types of chips and a mobile app.  I find it damn fascinating.

Check out the company’s demo video below: