Bleacher Report Co-Founder Bryan Goldberg Raises $6.5 Million For Bustle

Posted Aug 13, 2013

Bryan Goldberg is on fire.  He sold sports media company Bleacher Report to Turner Media last year for over $200 million.  Now he is starting a new company called Bustle.  Bustle has raised $6.5 million in seed and Series A funding.  Investors that participated in this round include Social + Capital Partnership, Time Warner Investments, Google Ventures, 500 Startups, Rothenberg Ventures, and several angel investors.

Ted Maidenberg (Social + Capital Partnership) and Allison Goldberg (Time Warner Investments) has joined the board of directors at Bustle.

Bustle will have a similar business model as Bleacher Report, but it will be focused on entertainment and fashion.  Most of the writers will be female.  And a lot of the staff will be paid, unlike the initial contributors at Bleacher Report.

Goldberg pointed out that the largest brand in this space is Vogue and they receive only 1 million monthly unique visitors.  “That’s not just bad, that’s pathetic,” stated Goldberg in an interview with BusinessInsider.