Blockbuster Launches Service To Download Movies

Posted Nov 30, 2008

Blockbuster Inc. (NYSE:BBI) is constantly battling with the nimble Netflix, Inc. (NASDAQ:NFLX).  Blockbuster has been trying several strategic moves in an effort to regain investor confidence.  These moves includes setting up a mail order rental service and making an offer to acquire Circuit City.  Blockbuster’s stock price is continuously dwindling and now their market cap is a mere $229 million.

Blockbuster’s next move is a movie and TV show direct download service.  Anyone that signs up for 25 movies in advance for the cost of $99 will receive a free MediaPoint Digital Media Player.  The Digital Media Player will allow users to directly download movies and TV shows and watch them on a computer or TV.

Movie rentals are $1.99 and the movies are DVD quality.  The MediaPoint player has an HDMI output connection for crystal clear video enthusiasts.

“The MediaPoint digital player, featuring BLOCKBUSTER ONDEMAND, is entertainment made easy. We are bringing Blockbuster, and the thousands of movies in our digital library, straight to customers’ televisions,” stated Blockbuster Chairman and CEO Jim Keyes. “The player is simple to use, delivers DVD quality video, and there’s no monthly subscription commitment. We are delighted to team with 2Wire to give consumers this great entertainment product.”