Blog Search Engine Technorati Acquires

Posted Aug 26, 2008

Technorati is a blog search engine and advertisement network that competes with several industries. In the analytics space, Technorati competes with Google Analytics, Alexa, Compete, and Quantcast. In the blog search sector, Technorati competes with Google Blog Search,,, and In the advertising online sector, Technorati competes with thousands of companies.

Technorati has raised over $30 million thus far and is now getting in the acquisition spirit. Technorati has acquired is a blog network that started about 6 years ago. BlogCritics is a network of knowledgeable blog writers that publish stories regarding specific subjects. Over the course of the past 6 years, about 2,300 authors published 73,000 articles according to TechCrunch.

Technorati plans on integrating BlogCritics into their Media division. Below is an excerpt from Richard Jalichandra on the Technorati blog. Jalichandra is the President and CEO of Technorati.

What?s in it for us? Blogcritics brings us closer to an open community of bloggers and the audience that follows them. It also gives us a lot more advertising inventory. What?s in it for them? Our combined resources will help that community grow and expose their work to an even wider audience. We?ll also work more closely with Blogcritics authors so they can monetize their own blogs. What?s in it for our advertisers? They?ll be able to run more fully integrated programs across the site and its related blogs.

Technorati was founded by Dave Sifry. BlogCritics was founded by Eric Olsen and Philip Win. Both will be joining Technorati in San Francisco, Calif.

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