Blogger Lyndal Harrington Jailed For Failing To Turn In PC As Evidence

Posted Jun 2, 2009

[Anna Nicole Smith]

Lyndal Harrington is a blogger that lives in Houston, Texas.  Fifty-three year old grandmother Harrington was put in jail last week because she failed to come up with a legitimate excuse for why she could not turn in a PC as evidence for the lawsuit filed against her.  The court subpoenaed her PC as evidence, but Harrington stated that a thief broke into her house and stole it.  Harrington was ordered to be put in jail for contempt by U.S. District Judge Tony Lindsay.

The lawsuit filed against Harrington was related to a defamation case involving the 1993 Playmate of the Year Anna Nicole Smith, who passed away in February 2007.  Anna Nicole’s mother Virgie Arthur filed a lawsuit against Harrington, Howard Stern, and Larry Birkhead for defamation.  Supposedly Harrington wrote a blog post on Rose Speaks about how Virgie Arthur married her stepbrother and abused Smith as a kid.  Arthur claims that the three individuals conspired against her so that she would not win custody of Smith’s daughter.  Smith’s daughter may inherit $100 million.

The police and Judge Lindsay accused Harrington of staging a theft of her PC.  Harrington was given until July 2nd to produce the computer, but she says “I can’t turn over something I don’t have.”

Harrington said that she did not conspire blog posts with anyone and just voiced her opinion online because her “business had fallen apart in this economy and it was something to do.”

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