Bloggers-For-Hire Brokerage Company, PayPerPost Raises More Funding: $10 Million

Posted Sep 4, 2007

One of the most notorious and controversial blogger-for-hire companies, PayPerPost, has gained a few more confidants worth $10 million. 

In a model that is similar to Federated Media, a company that acts as a brokerage to connect publishers and bloggers to advertisers, PayPerPost connects bloggers willing to take money to write reviews from advertisers. 

ValleyWag and TechCrunch are known for constantly taking shots at PayPerPost and the company’s founder, Ted Murphy.  While PayPerPost is called sleazy by ValleyWag and TechCrunch calls working with PayPerPost causes you to sell your soul, I must say that its just a business model that works.  Is the model ethical?  Maybe or maybe not.  I wouldn’t leave it to editors at ValleyWag or TechCrunch to decide.  All that I see here is a proven model that investors believe in.

“The naysayers were a godsend for the company,” stated Dan Rua, a managing partner of Florida-based investment firm, Inflexion.  With another $10 million in the bank, it’ll be interesting to see how PayPerPost changes.  If I were to slide an insult to PayPerPost to join the bandwagon, I would take that $20 million total investment and have a site designed that doesn’t scream “Help! I’ve been made by a web designer still living in the 1990s.”