Bloomberg Launches Video Content Site, CEO Spotlight

Posted Jan 14, 2008

Bloomberg has launched a new service called CEO Spotlight, a video series that revolves around interviewing CEOs of various companies.  Its like nPost, but has a little bit of a personal touch since you can see the interviewer and interviewee’s expressions.  Bloomberg is especially known for their $20,000 computer terminals used by finance industry professionals. 

Below is a screen shot of Bloomberg’s CEO Spotlight web site:

A lot of the content that appears on Bloomgberg CEO Spotlight is already available through the press releases on their site and their TV channel, but this new form of the web site enhances their online property.  And of course, the videos on CEO Spotlight are related to current press releases in the media.  Bloomgberg CEO Spotlight requires Windows Media Player to watch the content. 

Michael Bloomberg founded Bloomberg L.P. in 1981 and is currently serving as the Mayor of New York City.

[Information Source: Mashable]