Bloomberg Wins Acquisition Bid For BusinessWeek

Posted Oct 14, 2009

Bloomberg LP has won the acquisition bid for BusinessWeek. Bloomberg is the the financial company built by current New York Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg. The terms of the deal are not known, but it is rumored to be worth about $2-$5 million in cash and Bloomberg will be responsible for the liabilities of the news print company. These liabilities may include severance payments.

BusinessWeek employs about 400 people and several of these jobs will be cut. The parent company of BusinessWeek is McGraw-Hill. The news print business as a whole has been suffering as many readers have been turning to the Internet for real-time news. As part of the deal BusinessWeek editor-in-chief Steve Adler announced that benefits will be given to employees for about one year after the deal closes.

?The reporting and analytical resources of Bloomberg and BusinessWeek are unparalleled in their ability to deliver timely, distinctive and credible content to an influential and highly sought-after audience,? stated Bloomberg LP Chairman Peter Grauer. BusinessWeek is Bloomberg’s first major acquisition ever.