Blue Bottle Coffee Chain Now Uses Square Mobile Card Reader For Transactions

Posted Feb 12, 2013

Blue Bottle is a small coffeehouse chain that has locations in California and New York.  The company now uses the Square mobile card reader for all of the transactions handled with customers.  Square allows merchants to swipe credit cards using a reader that can be connected to an iPhone, iPad, or Android device.  The company also has a GPS-enabled application called Square Wallet, which allows customers to pay by saying their names to a cashier without even taking out a card.  Square Register can be used to print kitchen tickets and track inventory.  Square has around 3 million businesses and individuals using their card reader to accept payments.

One of the biggest businesses to use Square includes Starbucks, a Blue Bottle rival.  Square currently has a valuation of around $3.25 billion.  Some other businesses that use Square for payments include Pitango Gelato in Washington D.C., Cartel Coffee Lab in Arizona, and Amy’s Ice Creams in Austin according to The New York Times.  ?We love seeing local businesses thrive to become national successes,? stated Square co-founder and CEO Jack Dorsey.

Blue Bottle has around 11 locations and Square will start running in 3 of them on Tuesday and the other locations within a few months.  This past fall, several tech investors put money into the chain including Kevin Systrom (co-founder of Instagram), Kevin Rose (founder of Digg and partner at Google Ventures), and Mike Volpi (Cisco/Index Ventures).

?We think about the right wood for our counters, the best beans and how we can continue to serve our customers the perfect cup of coffee as we grow. Square?s attention to detail and focus on the customer makes Square Register the right choice for our business,? stated Blue Bottle founder James Freeman.