Blue Box Raises $3.5 Million

Posted Nov 1, 2012

Blue Box is a company that has raised $3.5 million.  Blue Box is a cloud and hosting service for companies that receive major traffic volumes and applications that require high volumes of uptime.  Blue Box started in 2003 and Voyager Capital led this investment.  Blue Box’s 600 clients include MTV, VH1, Redbox, Seeking Alpha, CrowdStar, and Pivotal Tracker.

Blue Box uses OpenStack as the foundation for scaling data.  The company also utilizes Cloud Foundry and Opscode.

?Building applications for the Web comes with its own set of unique challenges. How do you scale your apps economically? How do you ensure security without slowing down performance? How does the cloud play into all of this? Over the course of nine years, we?ve learned how to bring these efficiencies to customers so they can focus on what?s most important ? their applications,? said Blue Box CEO Jesse Proudman in a statement. ?This investment represents a new chapter for Blue Box as we productize our service offering and build out our architecture to support our next stage of growth.?