BlueStacks’ Gamepop Console Will Let You Play iOS Games On TV

Posted Jun 7, 2013

BlueStacks is a company that is known for letting you run apps from your phone full-screen on the Mac and Windows operating systems.  Last month, we reported that ten million people have downloaded the BlueStacks App Player.  BlueStacks is now launching a console called the Gamepop, which will have both Android and iOS games brought to the TV.

The Gamepop console will be powered by Android.  To get the iOS games to run on TV sets, BlueStacks is using software called Looking Glass.  Looking Glass emulates Apple’s iOS APIs.

BlueStacks is already working with a number of developers for the Gamepop console.  They are working with Gameloft, Subatomic Studios (Fieldrunners), Halfbrick, and Jawfish Games.  BlueStacks said that they will have a collection of 500 of the top mobile games across Android and iOS.  They will be charging around $6.99 per month as part of a subscription fee.  The Gamepop’s main competitor, Ouya, requires users to buy games separately.

?There is a lot of pull in the marketplace for upselling mobile gaming to TV,? stated BlueStacks SVP of Global Sales & Business Development Apu Kumar. ?We?re talking with everyone from TV manufacturers to cable companies to carriers.?

Looking Glass

BlueStacks will be able to run the iOS games using Looking Glass.  Looking Glass is a virtualization tool that lets users recreate the iOS API on top of Android.  Looking Glass recreates the API that iOS provides, but Apple bits are not used.  This way iOS can be skipped altogether.

?Looking Glass enables these titles to be brought into the living room. Some of the retina iPad games for example look spectacular on TV,? added BlueStacks CTO Suman Saraf.


There is no specific release date for the Gamepop yet.  You can pre-order the console now.  It is expected to ship sometime this winter.  Until the end of June, BlueStacks is offering the console for free assuming that you subscribe for a year.  If you cancel within a year, you will be charged $25 for re-stocking and ship the console back to the manufacturer.  If the console is not shipped back, you will be charged $100 as an “early termination” fee.  Starting in July, the Gamepop will be available for $129.  Subscriptions can be turned on and off at the user’s discretion at that point.  Extra controllers will be sold for $20.