BMW 7 Series High Security Has Explosion Protection

Posted Aug 13, 2009

There’s a demographic of VIP people out there that feel that they are constanly being threatened. Of course these people should have the right to drive around in an automobile without feeling vulnerable to a bomb attack. This is where the BMW 7 Series High Security automobile comes in.

The BMW 7 Series High Security has armor plating around the doors, the roof, the pillars, the undercarriage, the separation wall between the passenger and luggage compartments, and the front footwell.

The windows are made out of multiplayered with a unique level of resistance. The glass is over 2″ thick and is covered with polycarbonate layers on the inside. This prevents shattered glass particles from hitting the passengers.

There is an intercom system built into the car that has concealed microphones and speakers to record conversations taking place. There is also an assault alarm and a fire extinguishing system. The car also has irritant gas sensors that will automatically close the windows, shut down air valves, and activate the central locking system. Then an internal fresh air supply system will kick in.

No word on whether the door sensor hazards being developed will make it to the Series 7 High Security.

[via Wired]