BMW Plans To Leverage Social Networks & Joost For Promotion Later This Year

Posted Mar 18, 2008

BMW, the premiere car company known for their quality and prestige has finally realize the power of promotional abilities on the Internet.  BMW will be creating campaigns on MySpace, Facebook, and Bebo sometime in 2008.  Another move that BMW target certain popular U.K. web sites to promote specific models.

BMW also plans to use streaming Internet TV software, Joost to start their own channel. While there are currently limited details about their plans, it should be interesting to see how BMW will utilize the social networks.

Around the same time when Google acquired YouTube, Chevrolet paid well over $25,000 to create their own Happy New Year themed page on the video web site.  To complement this campaign, Chevrolet held a competition by asking YouTube users to create commercials for them.  While several users took the competition seriously, other users would post videos that related to global warming and social irresponsibility.

While social networks like Bebo, MySpace, and Facebook are growing rapidly, Joost seems to be struggling.  To run Joost smoothly, a user is recommended to have fast, broadband connections.  Even on typical cable modems, Joost is known to struggle a bit.  If BMW’s plans go through, then they should be wary of the limitations of each.  Sometimes creating a widget application or building a channel on Joost is not attention-grabbing enough .

[Information Source: BrandRepublic/Wired]