BMW & Technical University of Munich Developing Door Hazard Sensor Prototypes

Posted Apr 7, 2009

If you’re one of those people that has been in an incident where you opened a car door and accidentally saw it take out a biker or even see it being taken out by another car, BMW and the Technical University of Munich is developing a solution for you. BMW and the Technical University of Munich are developing car doors that will resist from being opened when sensing a potential hazard.

Michael Graf is leading the BMW project. The sensors will be ultrasonic and notifies a bar running through the car’s doors if there is a hazard. The bar locks up and gives an alert notification to the driver. The prototype has been seen as positive and could be rolled out into several car models within the next year. BMW itself is still undecided whether the system will be rolled out into all of their future cars.

Personally I think the problem could be averted altogether by rolling out butterfly doors into every car. It doesn’t matter if you buy a Lamborghini or an Escalade, butterfly doors look cool.

[via CNET]