Boku Receives Funding From Andreessen Horowitz

Posted May 27, 2010

Boku has announced that they have raised funding from Andreessen Horowitz. Boku did not reveal how much funding that they have received, but the company has raised a total of $38 million since they launched last year. Boku is a mobile payments startup company and now Marc Andreessen and Ben Horowitz will join the Board of Directors. Boku does not require anyone to have a credit card or bank account to make micropayments.

People just have to enter their cell phone number on the website and reply to a text message, then the person’s mobile phone bill is charged extra. Boku recently acquired a couple of other payment companies over the last year: Paymo and Mobillcash this past year. Boku is available in over 60 countries and across 200 carriers. [TechCrunch]