Borders Group Inc. Breaks Into The Web Without Amazon’s Help After 7 Years

Posted May 27, 2008

Ann Arbor, Michigan-based, Borders Group Inc. (NYSE:BGP) has been depending on Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN) to power their website over the last seven years.  On March 17 2007, the company announced that that they were planning to sever ties with Amazon and compete directly with them.

“We expect to drive sales and profits with it,” stated Borders spokeswoman, Anne Roman in 2007 when talking about the upcoming website.  “We can mesh the in-store sales with online, which is something we have been missing.”

Although the financial information was undisclosed, Seattle PI estimates that the loss of Border’s could cost $80-$160 million in annual revenue. currently powers the websites for Sears Canada & UK, Target Corp., Benefit Cosmetics, Times, Bebe, Marks & Spencer, Lacoste, Mothercare, and AOL’s Shop@AOL. Barnes & Noble, Inc. (NYSE:BKS) is currently researching the feasibility of buying out Borders. 

Below is the design for the new site:

The new look is very Web 2.0.  The new website uses a Flash-based feature called The Magic Shelf that allows the user to browse up, down, left, and right through a bookshelf.  Border’s website also monitors your book tastes and has a Picked For You feature.

The website also features visual media programs such as live store performances on Borders Live at 01, chefs in the Borders Kitchen, and discussions in the living room with Borders Book Club.  The website also directly connects with Borders Rewards membership coupon cards.

Compared to the old Border’s website, the new version is a lot more creative.  The old version look very identical to itself.  The only problem with the new site is that it struggles with search engine optimization.  The site is ranked 300,000+ on Alexa compared to’s rank 29.  Borders needs search optimization experts to help them so that when someone searches for a book on Google, Borders is up there with Amazon.

According to my Google toolbar, Borders’ website doesn’t appear to have a PageRank either.  This could directly affect their traffic.  Google should give them a PageRank boost.

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